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Diving & Snorkeling Tours

Diving & Snorkeling Tours

Here, in the Galapagos, you can only appreciate the full beauty of the islands by exploring under water. Below the surface, you can witness how the sea floor comes alive. Thanks to crystal clear visibility, you can see the busy marine life and unique geological formations and active coral beds in all their glory.

Learn more about the guided diving and snorkeling tours led by Yachtgala.

Snorkeling Spots

Jump into the tranquil, turquoise waters of the Galapagos! You can explore snorkeling spots that are unlike anywhere else in the world. From stretches of white and black sand beaches, to calm pools at low tide, to natural rock formations, this island chain has it all.

Gliding through the water is the best way to see the unique animal species including marine iguanas, sea lions, marine turtles, giant manta rays, hammerhead sharks, Galapagos penguins, reef fish, tuna, cucuves, herons and so many other bird species.
Our guided underwater tour itineraries can include:

• Sante Fe Bay
• Playa Escondida
• Pinzon Island
• Daphne Major
• Borrero Bay
Included in the Galapagos Snorkeling Tour:
• Full snorkel gear: two-piece 7 mm wetsuit, mask, fins, hood, gloves;
• Bilingual dive masters who serves as both snorkel instructor and local guide;
• Transport to and from the snorkeling sites;
• Lunch onboard;
• Towel service;
• Securing entry permits to the Galapagos National Park & Marine Reserve;
• First aid kit on board.

Diving Spots

Guided diving tours by Yachtgala are perfect for divers with any skill level. Join our certified instructors and discover the best diving spots aboard fast, well-equipped yachts. Here are some of the gorgeous destinations that could be on your trip itinerary:
• Darwin Island
• Wolf Island
• Gordon Rocks
• Floreana Island
• Devil’s Crown
• Champion Islet
• Enderby Islet
• North Seymour
• Cousins Rocks
• Beagle Rocks
• Daphne
• Sante Fe Island
• Mosquera Islet
• Bartolome
• Isla Tortuga
• Isla Tortuga
• 4 Hermanos
• La Viuda
• Caragua and Tijereta
• Roca Ballena
• Predial Discovery
• Kicker Rock
• Punta Pitt
Included in the Galapagos Diving Tour:

• Full diving gear: two-piece 7 mm wetsuit, regulator, BCD, mask, fins, hood, gloves, weight belt and oxygen tanks (dive computer is not included);
• Bilingual dive masters who serves as both instructor and local guide (one guide for each four or five divers);
• Transport to and from the dive sites;
• Snack and lunch during the diving excursion;
• Towel service;
• Securing entry permits for the yacht, crew and passengers to the Galapagos National Park & Marine Reserve;
• Oxygen and first aid kit on board;
• Hyperbaric chamber which ensures 80% cover.


A PADI diving license is required for all participants with our private diving excursions.
Yachtgala is passionate about offering tour participants the opportunity to see Galapagos marine wildlife up close. Find the perfect diving and snorkeling itinerary for your visit to the Galapagos Islands. Contact Yachtgala to get more information.


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