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guided boat tours

guided boat tours

The Galapagos Islands are prized by travelers and nature lovers from all over the world. The islands and the waters surrounding them are full of flora and fauna that can be found nowhere else.
The best way to see and appreciate these natural wonders is by boat.

Join our experienced, local tour guides for an amazing experience onboard our Galapagos boat tours.

daily boat tours

With Yachtgala guided boat tours, you can choose the itineraries that work best for your Galapagos travel schedule and interests.

From Santa Cruz Island

Be among the privileged few people to have ever see the uninhabited islands of the Galapagos. Departing from Santa Cruz Island you can visit these special gems. Here you can see the mating blue-footed boobies, nesting frigate birds, sneaking land iguanas, playing sea lions, swimming penguins, sea turtles, cast nets and Galapagos sharks. The beautiful plant life includes Palo Santo trees, Giant Cactus, Prickly Pear Cactus and endemic succulent Sesuvian.

Tour participants will have opportunities to snorkel and enjoy the water whenever possible. There are also hiking and nature walks to see the sights - shimmering bays, fascinating formations of lava and glistening, colorful volcanic formations.
Our guided boat tour itineraries departing from Santa Cruz Island include the following highlights:
• North Seymour Island & Beach
• Bartolome Island & Sullivan Bay
• Santa Fe Island
• Plazas Island

From Isabela Island

The islands are a very rich area for exploration. We can bring you to the Isabel Harbor basin to observe the endemic Galapagos Penguins, the only penguin in equatorial region. Other bird species that reside here include pelicans and blue footed boobies. You might also spot white-tipped reef sharks, marine turtles, sea lions and marine iguanas. See the amazing lava formations and tunnels created by Sierra Negra in Cabo Roda.
Our guided boat tour itineraries departing from Isabela Island include the following highlights:

• Tintoreras Islet
• Cabo Rosa

From San Cristobal Island

Yachtgala will bring you directly to the most beautiful spots. You will have the opportunity to see the towering monoliths of Kicker Rock and Cerro Brujo lava formations. See the nesting grounds for boobies and frigate birds. Visit the albatrosses in Punta Suarez and Gardner Bay. Other wildlife in this area includes spotted eagle rays, marine Iguanas, bottlenose dolphins, harlequin wrasse, Galapagos sharks and vast bird life. All tour participants are invited to take a break and enjoy a sack lunch on the beach.
Our guided boat tour itineraries departing from San Cristobal Island include the following highlights:

• Kicker Rock & Beach
• Beach Playa Manglesito
• Cerro Brujo
• Isla Lobos
• Rosa Blanca Bay
• Punta Puccuna
• Punta Pitt
• Bay of Sardina
• Española Island

Inhabited Islands

Yachtgala also offers ferry crossing boat services to inhabited islands in the Galapagos. We can bring you to the following islands:

• Isabela
• Floreana
• San Cristobal


Yachtgala wants to bring you to the most interesting sights in the Galapagos. Begin planning your tour around the islands. Contact Yachtgala for more information.


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