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6 Galapagos Islands to Explore by Superyacht

Of course, we have a difficult time choosing just six islands in the Galapagos to recommend for luxury cruising. Yet we understand that time is a limit for every type of travel. It’s true that there are also restrictions on where private yachts can navigate around the archipelago, but there are plenty of amazing sites and virgin landscapes to see.

With great difficulty, YACHTGALA has narrowed the list down to help you plan an amazing yachting experience here in the Galapagos Islands.

Santa Cruz
The lush beaches of Santa Cruz and the crystal clear water around the island make it the perfect place to snorkel. You can visit the nesting grounds of the Green Sea Turtles, Flamingo Lagoon and the sparkling green and black beaches. Take a bite up into the highlands for a chance to see the Giant Galapagos Tortoise. There is an abundance of rare endemic bird species to spot on the island of Santa Cruz as well. Plus, no visit would be complete without learning about local conservation efforts at the Charles Darwin Research Station and Galapagos National Park center.
2. Isabela Island
Take the time to visit Moreno Point where the lava fields formed from the Cerro Azul volcano have been filled by lagoons in some places. The wildlife here is truly amazing. Flamingos, crakes, pintails and gallinules are often spotted in the area. Further inward from the shore, you can find the live volcano named Sierra Negra. Or you can head to Cape Marshall where divers swim with giant manta rays and sea iguanas.
3. San Cristóbal & Kicker Rock
This is the farthest east island of the archipelago. San Cristóbal is a peaceful jewel in the eastern Pacific Ocean where sea lions can be seen lounging in the sun. We recommended diving down to the sea bottom to see the amazing underwater treasures in Shipwreck Bay and hiking up to the top of Kicker Rock for some killer views. Although it’s best not to do both on the same day. From sharks to birds, there is no shortage of spectacular wildlife to witness here either.
4. Santiago
This has become one of the most popular spots for visitors in recent years. Santiago is uninhabited by people, but has become the site of the amazing comeback made by the endemic fur seals. You should be able to see the rookery for yourself along the black beach of Puerto Egas. The landing at Sullivan Bay is a great place to study lava formation and historians love Buccaneer Cove where pirates once took cover.
5. Bartolomé
Off the coast of James Island lies Bartolomé. Visitors come here to enjoy some of the best views in the archipelago and for a chance to spot the Galapagos penguins playing around Pinnacle Rock. The northern bay of the island is known for its great snorkeling conditions. Here, the sea life includes reef sharks, rays, tropical fish and swimming penguins.
6. Fernandina
Yacht visitors love Fernandina for its virtually untouched nature. The active volcano, called La Cumbre, often puts on spectacular shows with its lava fields sliding down to the ocean. Because no foreign species have ever invaded this island, Fernandina remains one of the most pristine and unique ecosystems on the Earth. It is home to terrestrial and marine iguanas, sea lions, flightless cormorants, crabs and penguins.